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Sep. 18, 2018  Posted By: ltihisto  1.9 MB
At our inaugural meeting in May 1992, we did not have enough present to elect a full slate of officers. As of our second annual meeting, September 8, 1994, we have over 90 members. Our growth and progress has been steady.
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The response to the Newsletter has been heartening. It appears that there is considerable interest in our history. Our philosophy is to provide some insight into our past in the Township. With an end to stimulating interest more than being definitive, we plan a number of articles each number. We want to profile both people and places in the Township. To do that, we need help with pictures and stories. The work of our two archivists has given us a good start.
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Jan. 1, 1998  Posted By: ltihisto  3.4 MB
First Newsletter Publication
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Contents Pg. 6: How to Stop Smoking Pg. 7: Snider & Harkness Families of Lansdowne Pg. 8: SS#5 Wilstead School Pg. 11: Chasing Henry Trail’s Killers Pg. 13: John Quinn Diary