Lansdowne Railway Heritage Sign Unveiling Event:  June 3, 2023 

Bill Boulton proudly standing by the 3’ X 4’ heritage interpretive sign that he sponsored on the importance of the railway to the village of Lansdowne; Grand Trunk Ave., June 3, 2023.    Photo courtesy of Robert Burtch.
James Clark, Bill Boulton, William J. Radford – all railroad enthusiasts.   Photo by Pierre Mercier.
West side crowd – three passenger trains and one freight train passed by during the event.   Photo by Pierre Mercier.
Bill requested that his fellow railway enthusiast, Reverend Greg Blatch, be the Master of Ceremonies.   Photo by Pierre Mercier.
Mayor Corinna Smith-Gatcke addresses the group.   Photo by Pierre Mercier.
Glennda Olivier, President of the Leeds and 1000 Islands Historical Society, relates the numerous contributions Bill Boulton has made in preserving the history of the Township.   Photo by Pierre Mercier.
Mayor Corinna Smith-Gatcke presents Glennda Olivier with a congratulatory certificate from MPP Steve Clarke.   Photo by Pierre Mercier.
Wilhelmina Lacelle, Secretary of the Leeds and 1000 Islands Historical Society and Chair for the sign project, explains her research to an audience of over 50 and thanks those who helped organize the unveiling.   Photo by Pierre Mercier.
Brian Phillips, local historian and renowned heritage sign designer explains, in detail, how the final product came to be.   Photo by Pierre Mercier.


Pierre Mercier from the LTI Archives in Escott explained how these archives help with research projects. 


Bill Boulton expressing his heartfelt thanks to Wilhelmina Lacelle, Brian Phillips, the Township and so many, many others who helped in making this Lansdowne railway heritage plaque come to fruition.   Image courtesy of Robert Burtch.
Bill admiring the specialty cake with a photo of the Lansdowne train mural embedded. Behind the island in the forefront is Betty Bradley and beside her is Connie Burns. Both organized the reception in the Seniors’ Room, Lansdowne Community Building and are Executive Members of the Leeds and 1000 Islands Historical Society.   Image courtesy of Robert Burtch.


Image used with permission of Brian R. Phillips